TextMate is Beautiful

It’s hard to get excited about a text editor. Sure, I have been excited about the benefits of using a text editor instead of a frustratingly snarky WYSIWYG tool (examples of which shall remain nameless). But that said, it really does not matter all that much which text editor you choose. Use whatever you are familiar with.

When I started using text editors in earnest, I adopted Emacs because that was what everyone else was using. When I had to switch over to Win32 systems, Crimson Editor has been a great sidekick, if a little slow to load. But now I am switching towards the Mac OS X environment. BareBones Text Wrangler seems too complicated and heavy-hitting to me, and after more than six months of keeping it centered in my dock I used it less than ten times.

Along with a growing number of users, I am very pleased to be using TextMate. Rands tried it and wrote probably the most evocative review anyone could write of a text editor; I was almost moved to tears, folks. One day into using TextMate and I’m happy to have spent the money. Hey, if yours truly (a cheapskate developer who would more readily go barefoot in the desert than pay for software) bought it and is happy, maybe it’s actually worth something.

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