Hackety Hack Is Good For Your Kids

Here’s a beautiful little application for teaching some principles of computer programming to youngsters. It’s written in a very approachable style. I think this kind of thing is a fine way to increase computer literacy, demystify the computer, and empower kids to think about the technology which is now so important in our culture.

The greatest thing about this, for me, is that it brings back memories of my youth. I can remember playing on my parent’s computer when I was 8 or 9 years old. I guess that, since it was about 1985, that home computer places me in a particular bracket of families who had the disposable income to afford what was essentially a useless appliance. But hey, my grandfather was a salesman for IBM and I guess he got us a killer deal on our first-generation PC. And I remember that my favorite thing of all on this computer was that you could draw shapes on the screen with a little “turtle” in an application called Dr. Logo. Maybe it wasn’t even an application, but Wikipedia has an article on the Logo programming language which is exactly what I remember writing in.

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