Shiira Browser

Shiira Browser
I found a delightful little browser from Japan called Shiira. Although it feels a little unfinished, it has two noteworthy features I’d like Camino or Firefox to implement:

  1. Tab exposé - if you do tabbed browsing (you know who you are) and you can’t remember which tab had that screaming deal on a new pair of shoes, just hit the Tab exposé button in the lower right corner and all the hidden pages fly into view. Point and click at your shoes and the page comes back into view. (Bug: Flash items don’t show up in the exposé view)
  2. Page Info - an unbelievably cool view of page data which allows you to brows the HTML source, the stylesheets, the JavaScript files, the images, and to view all links in tabular form. Why doesn’t every browser have this info view?

On the downside, Shiira tends to render pages a little poorly with unnecessarily small font. Gmail, for example, renders very strangely and is missing obvious buttons (I suppose Gmail doesn’t attempt support all browsers so it serves a slimmed-down page instead of nothing at all). I’ve been unable to set preferences which mitigate the problems. Let’s hope for future enhancements.

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