Commuter, Rewarded

I had posted previously about an excellent commute database for the Atlanta metro community. As a fringe benefit, and to encourage logging, users have the chance to get small VISA gift cards at random. Either they are really good at fundraising or nobody else is logging their commute, because I got my second $25 gift card in the mail just a few days ago. I was randomly selected for the gift card reward; but my chances for selection were apparently increased because I was actually logging my commute fairly regularly (15 out of 31 days in October).

Here is the October summary of legs of my five-mile commute, broken down into mode of transportation:

Mode Count
Bicycle 4
Carpool 15
Drive Alone 10
Motorcycle 0
Telework 0
Transit 0
Vanpool 0
Walk 1

Better judgement would have me keep this quiet to increase my chances of winning again, but I actually think that the process of logging your commute style gets you to consider your alternatives more frequently — and that’s a good thing.

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